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Why you should check your drawers this Black Friday

Black Friday Week is happening and as we know this is the best time to get the very best deals for items that we have been coveting all year but couldn’t quite afford - Especially, true after the trauma that the Pandemic has caused, especially to many peoples finances.

Whilst we may be making saving over this period this also creates a surplus of older unwanted items. Especially, when it comes to tech items which is why I was delighted when I came across giffgaffs ‘Check your drawers’ campaign.

The campaign is all about checking your drawers (No, not in that but thank you for asking!) you know the one, the tech drawer that lives in everyone’s home which is full of old devices, chargers, batteries and most usually..phones. The thing about these phones is that whilst we may not use these phones any more, they can actually get a fabulous second life being recycled and given to someone who will really treasure it. It will also prevent it from ending up in a landfill which as we all know, the planet needs us all to pitch in a bit when it comes to waste.

Even better? When you recycle your phone, not only are you being kinder to the planet but also your pocket as giffgaff will happily buy the phone off you. 

Thanks, giffgaff! 

They will then give it a little revamp and clean making sure that it is in tip-top shape. If it’s beyond repair they will recycle it making sure that it is reused elsewhere and doesn’t end up as another item added to an e-waste pile. If you’re curious about the journey a refurbished phone takes, check out their ‘What is a refurbished phone’ animated page. It’s super snazzy.

If you really want to be generous then it gets even better! If your phone can be refurbished, giffgaff will give you the option to donate the value of it to charity. You can choose whether to make a donation of 10%, 25%, 50%, or 100%. This money will then go to the Neighbourly Foundation to fund grassroots-causes that support local communities. I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!

giffgaff also have some amazing sim only deals so if you’re seeking to break away from a contract and gain more flexibility in your phone package, check them out!

So, are you going to check your drawers this Black Friday? If so let me know below or via my social channels as you know I love to carry on the conversation.


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