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Living Your Best Life in Your 30's | Things To Focus On Before A Relationship

Your thirties are an exciting time of your life where you have ample experience as an adult and still young enough to do so much with your life. There is so much you achieve in your 30’s before getting into a relationship. And according to The Guardian, the average age for marriage in the UK was 35 for women and 38 for men. Here are some things to focus on before getting into a relationship.

Save for retirement now

The earlier you start saving for retirement, the better. Most people feel that they have ample time to start saving for retirement after their 30’s. But this is the perfect time to start doing so. With a stable job, it is time to gain some knowledge on insurance, mortgage, 401ks and make a significant financial push. Such information will enable you to have some financial discipline. Also, make it a priority to pay off debts as soon as possible. Have an emergency fund set aside for unforeseen things such as health issues, bad business deals, or divorce solicitors. Save early and as much as possible.

Make your health a priority

Staying healthy is a must and should be taken seriously. You should eat well, sleep better, and workout frequently. Your 30’s are the years during which you can set the tone for your body for the rest of your life. Staying fit and in good health will guarantee that your body will be in good shape much longer for the rest of your life. Take charge of your health now and go for regular checks to ensure that everything is fine with you.

Keep the right kind of company

The company you keep in your 30’s will pretty much determine your circle when you grow older. So, spend time around people who treat you right, support you and share in your aspirations. If you don’t like the way you are treated, set boundaries, and quickly move on. Protect your mental health by not allowing others into your space. Don’t settle for anything mediocre, whether it is in relationships, friends, or jobs. Only surround yourself with people who will help you become a better version of yourself.

Focus on your strengths

You will not excel at everything; it is best to focus on your strengths. Life is essentially a trade-off; you have to let go of one thing to find value in another. In your 30’s it is time to focus on your strengths and discover the things you love and are good at. Whether it is your career, hobby, or business, just focus on it and become better. If you realize you have made the wrong decisions earlier in life, focus on correcting those mistakes.

Take risks; you still have time

It is said that people regret the chances they did not take. And most older people reinforce this saying as most of them admitted that the majority of their regrets concerned the things they didn't do with their lives while they had the chance. This is because society makes it look like you should have everything figured out by your 30’s. For this reason, many people follow the well-trodden path and miss out on beautiful experiences. Try your best to live in the moment as much as possible so that you don't miss out on life’s great adventures.

Invest in your family

Many people leave home at a young age just to get away from their parents and have some freedom. That is fun in your 20’s when you can explore, but once you hit your 30’s, it is time to bond once more with your family. This time you are mature, and you can redefine how you interact with your parents. By this time too, your parents may be well advanced in age and having a close relationship with them is a great feeling. You may even glean some advice from them when you begin to consider starting your own family.


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