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5 Ways To Improve Safety At Home

Feeling safe in your own home is important, and arguably the most important factor when choosing somewhere to live. However, no matter whether you live in the middle of nowhere or slap bang in the centre of the city, your home will always be at risk of theft. The thought that at any given moment or time someone could attempt to burgle your home is very scary, but there are plenty of measures you can put in place to prevent that from happening. Whether you’ve heard about burglaries in the area, or you’re taking proactive preventative measures, take a look at these tried and tested methods of improving safety at home.

Get friendly with your neighbours

It’s always a good idea to befriend your neighbours, just for the simple fact that living next door to one and another becomes a much more pleasurable experience. Not only that, but good neighbours will listen and look out for each other and can help keep an eye out for any unusual or suspicious activity on your land. Not only that, they can help pick up mail and check your home when you’re on vacation, making sure thieves don’t realise your home is empty.

Put security measures in place

One of the best ways to ensure your home isn’t broken into is by putting security measures into place. Don’t give thieves an easy way to gain access to your home! You can install a wide variety of security hardware from deadbolts to a front door handleset to help deter thieves from your property. You may also consider installing security cameras and motion sensors to alert you when someone is on your property. Use today’s technology to keep your family and home safe!

Don’t leave your home looking empty

One of the biggest mistakes people make when leaving their home is not leaving a light on. Making it seem like someone is home will deter thieves from an attempted robbery. Whether you leave the porch light on, leave shoes on your front doorstep, or leave noise playing like the TV or radio, it will help thieves think that there’s someone home and therefore decide against it.

If you have a dog, use it to your advantage

We’re in no way suggesting that you should train your dog to attack intruders, but the thought of that will deter thieves from entering your property. Hang signs on your property with messages like “Beware of the dog”. More often than not, thieves work in groups and scope out whole neighbourhoods in one go. Studies have shown that properties with dogs are much less likely to be burgled than those who do not in fear of an attack.

Keep a car parked in the driveway

Finally, keeping a car parked in the driveway - even when you’re not there - will help deter thieves from your property. Again, this is a great method of fooling them into thinking someone is home. Whether it’s a neighbours car or your second car, it will help protect your home.


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