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Top Tips for a Safer Garden

Having outdoor space at your home makes life so much easier. Being able to step outside and enjoy the fresh air is a great feeling and creates the perfect place for the kids to play. However, to ensure that everyone enjoys being outdoors, it is essential to make it a safe place for the family to spend time. As every parent knows, if there is a hazard lurking anywhere in the home, the kids are bound to find it, so making your garden as safe as possible for children and pets is vital. These tips will help make your outside space as safe as possible for your family:

Water Safety

If your garden has a pond, or if you are really lucky, a swimming pool, it is crucial to make it as safe as possible to prevent anyone accidentally falling into the water. It is helpful to put a fence around the pond or pool to prevent children and pets from wandering too close to the edge and to keep the gate securely shut at all times. Speaking to children about the dangers of being near the water is also crucial, and supervising them at all times in the garden is especially vital when you have any kind of pond, pool, or water feature.

You may also want to consider covering the top of the pond with netting as an added precaution.

Slip Hazards

The solid surfaces in your garden can become a slip hazard, especially when they are wet. Your paths, driveways, decking, and patio can all become incredibly slippery and potentially cause falls and trips. If you have debris or moss gathered on these surfaces, it is best to get them removed before someone accidentally slips over on them.

Using an Expert Pressure Washing service will get the outside areas of your home clear of moss and other slip hazards in no time. As pressure washing uses the power of the water pressure to clean, you won’t need to worry about any chemicals which could potentially be harmful to pets and children. Instead, you will just have a clean garden without slip hazards.

Chemical Safety

Keeping chemicals out of reach is just as important outside as it is in the home. If you have items such as paints, solvents, weed killers, and other potentially harmful substances in your garden, it is a wise idea to keep them locked away in case of any accidental spillages. If you have a shed, you may want to keep chemicals locked in here out of reach and sight. As well as storing these items safely, it is also crucial to be careful about how they are used in the garden. Slug pellets, plant feed, and weedkillers will help to keep your garden looking great, but they can be dangerous for humans, pets, and any wildlife that enters your garden. You may want to look for safer alternatives to these products to help keep your garden a safe place for everyone that uses it.


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