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The Real Purpose Of A Holiday

What’s the purpose of going on holiday? 

Well, part of it is to live your life more fully and reset your mind. But there’s more to it than that. Trips abroad have a powerful ability to lodge themselves in your mind, staying with you forever. Here’s the real purpose of taking a break.

Lower Your Burnout Risk

Do you sometimes feel like life is getting on top of you? If so, you might be experiencing a severe bout of burnout. Burnout is something that creeps up on you. You think you’re fine. But then something breaks and you realize that you just can’t go on. You become cynical, exhausted at work, and dread Monday morning more than usual.

Holidays are critical because they allow you to sidestep this problem. They are a chance for you to focus on something other than your work so that, when you return, you can enjoy it more. What's the point of working week after week if you dread every minute of it? Not much!

Enhanced Wellbeing

Related to this is the fact that a vacation radically enhances your wellbeing. Once you start travelling, you feel like an enormous weight is lifting off your shoulders. For a couple of weeks, you’re completely free to live your life how you please. It’s a remarkable and liberating feeling.

People who go on holiday regularly report improved mood, better sleep and fewer physical complaints. And when they take holidays more often, they actually enjoy them more - a remarkable finding.

Indulge In Spiritual Exploration

Where does the word “holiday” actually come from? It’s actually a form of the phrase “holy day” meaning a day “when you become whole or complete.”

When you think about your life, you rarely have opportunities like this. You can’t just pop down and meditate in the temples of Beli Rumah or Kolkata. You have way too much work to do.

But when you take a break, you open yourself up to a whole new world of spiritual possibilities. You get time to reflect on your life and what you want from it. Holidays can help you clear your mind off all the junk so that when you go home, you can focus on what matters.

Improve Your Physical Health

Modern people don’t move enough. We spend most of our days sitting in chairs, tapping away on our computers or driving motor vehicles. But that’s now how human beings are supposed to live. We should be moving all the time.

For this reason, holidays are a great way to improve your physical health. They take you away from your desk job and get you moving around more than you usually would.

If possible, try to make physical activity an integral part of your vacation. Here are some ideas you might want to try:

Go abseiling with friends and family
Organise a hiking and camping trip where you walk several miles a day
Go on a city break and walk between the sites
Indulge in your favourite outdoor sport such as biking, canoeing or surfing

Gain A Broader Perspective

When you spend the entire year embroiled in your particular culture, you can forget that there’s a whole world out there. And it offers new perspectives that allow you to see things differently.

For instance, if you live in a country like Britain, you come away with the impression that the purpose of life is to achieve material success. But when you go somewhere like India, you find that the priorities are different. It’s not material wealth that people want, but spiritual enlightenment. Thus, the cultural setup is completely different. And it can help you if you are wondering what the purpose of life is.

Boost Happiness

We now have decades of research to suggest that having a job long-term actually makes you unhappy. People don’t like having to go to work every day and plough through their routine. They want adventures that break up the monotony and allow them to live their lives to the fullest.

What’s even more interesting, you can actually feel happiness benefits before you take a trip. Your motivation goes up, and you feel grateful that you have the opportunity to do something different abroad. And that can improve your life right now.

So what’s the message here? 

Well, fundamentally, it’s the idea that breaks are a chance for you to rebuild your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. They are islands in a sea of work that we need from time to time to keep us feeling fit and healthy. Money isn’t the source of happiness in life.

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