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Are You Taking Your Ear Health Seriously?

When it comes to your health, some of your ‘must dos’ are more obvious than others. From drinking lots of water to eating your 5-a-day, there are things you know you need to do to help you stay healthy. But what about those not-so-obvious things? 

Top of the list should be your hearing. If you’re one of the many people who neglect their ear health, you might be unaware that some of your lifestyle choices could have an impact on your hearing later in life. Start taking your ear health seriously with the following tips for taking care of your hearing.

Turn down the volume

Listening to music is often a daily activity, but listening to music for too long at too high a volume, could lead to hearing problems. One of the main things you can do to avoid hearing loss is to turn the volume down, helping you protect your hearing as much as possible. If you need to turn the volume up because you have difficulty hearing, you should get your hearing checked to rule out any issues with your ear health.

Get your hearing checked

Having regular hearing tests can help you keep on track with your hearing. You might not have had a test since school! Just as you would book a regular eye test, consider booking a regular hearing test to help you identify issues early and make sure that everything is in order.

Having a hearing test is a very straightforward process. You can read about what to expect at your audiology appointment to help you see just how simple it is. It’s also a good opportunity to ask questions to your audiologist about things you can do to protect your hearing health.

Be sensible at music venues

Going to live music gigs is a wonderful experience, but if you don’t take the right precautions, you could cause some damage to your hearing. Wearing ear defenders or earplugs should be something you do as standard as a music gig - and you’ll feel grateful to escape the ringing at the end when you do! 

If you can stand further back from the speakers, you can also limit your exposure to the loudest noises. Even if you love going to gigs regularly, try to have a break between gigs so that you give your hearing a rest.
Get any issues examined

Pay attention to your hearing and get things checked out if you notice any issues. Some things to look out for including a persistent ringing, needing to turn the volume up higher than usual, and straining to hear people when they’re talking to you. You can book an appointment with your doctor or an audiologist to help identify the cause of your issues.

Your hearing is precious, and just as you would find ways of improving your vision, you should also look at ways to improve and protect your hearing. Make sensible choices and start taking your hearing seriously to help you hold onto it as you get older.


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