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7 Good Reasons To Get Married

Marriage rates have been declining since the 1970s. This is largely due to changing attitudes towards marriage (having kids without getting married first is no longer frowned upon) combined with rising wedding costs.

However, while marriage may no longer be as necessary or as affordable, it still has its benefits. Below are 7 good reasons to still get married in 2021.

Make the ultimate romantic gesture

Getting married is a way of signifying your love and dedication for one another. While you can always buy each other gifts or take each other on a date, no gesture is quite as big as getting married. You may feel that you’ve reached a stage in your relationship where it’s time to make this grand gesture.

Celebrate the success of your relationship

A wedding is also an opportunity to celebrate the success of your relationship with friends and family. If you’ve been together a long time, this loyalty and shared history is worth celebrating. It’s also an excuse to throw the biggest party of your life and dress like a princess!

Enjoy increased lending power

When you’re a married couple, taking out a joint loan can often be easier. Mortgage lenders are more likely to approve married couples than non-married couples - there’s less chance of the two of you breaking up and therefore more chance of the two of you continuing to make payments on time. You may even be able to access loans with lower interest rates or lower deposits.

Transfer money and assets tax-free

Getting married allows you to legally transfer large amounts of money and assets to each other without having to pay tax. This is particularly important after death - if you’re not married, your partner may have to pay inheritance tax on any savings and assets that is passed on to you.

Reduce your insurance rates

Getting married can also lower the rates of insurance policies such as car insurance and home insurance. Stats show that married individuals are less likely to file claims and therefore less of a risk to insurers. This is always a useful extra perk.

Explore the legal benefits

There are many legal benefits to getting married. If your partner dies and they haven’t made a will, assets and wealth may not be transferred to you unless you’re married. If your spouse has moved to another country and you want to join them, you may also find it more difficult to gain entry unless you’re married - the likes of the spouse visa UK for instance can only be obtained if you’re married. In some cases, marriage may also give you greater custody over kids so you don’t have to worry about losing your kids if the worst happens.

Sanctify your relationship (if you are religious)

If you are religious, marriage may be a way of sanctifying your relationship. Some couples feel that they are unable to have kids until they are married but the relationship is not yet sacred. If starting a family is a goal of yours and you are a strong believer of no kids before marriage, it could be important to get married first.

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