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Stress Management: Soothing Ways To Relax


Take a deep breath, slow down your mind and just relax. This is a lot easier said than done. We all feel a little stressed after work or just due to everyday things. The key issue is, holding onto the stress into the next day. If you find that you are doing this, by taking stress from yesterday into today and tomorrow, then you have to know that this is piling up. Aggregate stresses always end up making us feel more anxious and it becomes a normal part of our mindset. Being relaxed can help you to manage tough situations better and not take the stress from events into new dawns. Here are some soothing ways you can relax.

Be intentional

The first step to relaxing is making time for it. It should be something you put in your diary or your calendar. You can’t just decide when you should relax because you may never stick to this method and you may never get enough time. So, write down when you want to relax each day and set it in writing.

Regularly exercise

It's no secret that exercise is something that is lacking in people who are extremely stressed. They may not even know that working out actually helps them to fight stressful moments in their life and come out on top. When we work out, our bodies release endorphins that make us feel good. This is because the pain receptors that are communicating with the brain, send a signal to it that your body is under stress. The brain wants you to fight through the pain and achieve whatever it is you’re trying to do. 

So, it releases endorphins to lessen or dull the sense of pain. This can result in not feeling as much pain and actually, feeling happier. This is something that you must do regularly for your body to switch from pain outweighing endorphin release. Many people who work out regularly will not even feel the pain, just exhaustion. It's kind of a mix, between your body feeling numb or tired, but your mind feeling happy.

Soothing items

There are a number of soothing items you can have at your side so you can relax whenever things get too much. For example, rather than smoking the better option is CBD Vape. This type of oil is known to soothe anxiety and is often something you can use with a soothing drink. A cup of coffee or perhaps a healthy juice drink, together with the oil vape can be a great combination for a book reading session.

Another soothing item is a shaggy throw. This is something you can place on the seating on your patio which you can wear in the evening or at night. If you want some time alone and you want to watch the sunset in comfort, a natural material throw, made of linen or cotton is a great choice. You should make a little place like this so you can have a little peace and quiet to yourself without feeling the need to come indoors due to the evening cold.

Find what relaxes you

Some of us don’t even know what makes us relaxed. So why not begin by looking into what you like to do, what you find is soothing, and what you can find yourself doing more often? 

You may find that going boating makes you feel relaxed. Being at one with the water could be just what you need to slow your thoughts down and just forget the stresses of work. If you can, find a lake close by and try to hire a boat. You can go alone or with a friend who is like-minded.

You may also find that going bird-watching is really soothing. Try to find a bird-watching club close to you and join if you can. The learning process of identifying each bird is a great way to engage the mind but not stress it with lots of information. 

Or you may find that you like to watch live sports. Why not select a team that you like and go watch a game? Doing things like this is going to give you an outlet for your stress, forget the issues that are on your mind, and be engaged with something you like to do.

These are just some ways you can relax in soothing ways. Try starting by setting aside a time each day to relax. If you can think of any other, let us know how you got on with it. 

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