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12 Ways to Add Style To Your Home

Your home should primarily be functional. That is, it should provide a reasonable quality of life, allowing you to stay away from the elements and so forth. However, while you should first ensure that this is the case, you’ll also want to find ways to add style to your property. After all, it’s possible for things to be both functional and beautiful! Of course, there are plenty of ways to add style to your home. In this blog, we’re going to focus more on the “low effort; high reward” touches that you can incorporate. 

These things will make your home look beautiful but won’t require much investment or energy. If you take all of our tips on board, then it won’t be long before you have a stunning home!

The Front Door

Not enough people make the most of the potential that their front door offers. This is a fundamental part of the home where you can push the boat out and be a little more daring; there aren’t too many areas of the property where this is an option, but the front door is one of them. Rather than keeping things just simply civil or what have you, why not play around and make things a little more colourful? 

A bold statement door helps to set the tone for the rest of the property. You’ll love arriving home!

Outdoor Lighting

Another way to make the external part of your home more stylish is to add outdoor lighting. There are plenty of advantages to this, including boosting the safety of your home. But there’s a style advantage too. If you can make sure that your front garden looks the part, then lighting will ensure that everyone can see just how beautiful it is, even when it’s nighttime. You can also add some outdoor lighting to your back garden too. 

For this, it’s best to go for more subtle lighting -- something like large string lights will do the job. They can really help to create an atmosphere when you’re sitting outside on a pleasant summer’s evening.

Books on Display

Everyone loves the aesthetic of an old bookstore or library. There’s just something about them that calms the spirit and elevates thoughts. So why not give the same atmosphere to your own home? If you’ve got a collection of books, then don’t hide them away from the world. Invest in a good bookcase and put them right where everyone can see them. 

There are other advantages to having books all around you, too -- you’ll find that you read much more when you can easily grab them. So your home will look more beautiful, and you’ll be getting smarter too. That’s a win-win situation!

On the Walls

Another way to easily add some style to your property is to look at hanging some art or your favourite photographs on your walls. These can be works of art that you’ve created yourself, or you can invest in your favourite pieces from artists that you like. If you invest in prints, then be sure to buy some frames to hang them in -- they make a big difference to the appearance, since they look so professional. Most people don’t think of hanging works of art in their homes, but it’s one of the simplest ways to liven up a place. 

So long as you buy a quality piece and frame it well, it’ll look great.

Statement Pieces

As well as on the walls of your home, you can also look at placing some statement pieces around your property. For example, what about statues or sculptures? There’s no shortage of styles to choose from, nor is there a shortage of places to buy them. If you want to do things a little differently, then consider visiting a second-hand market. You’ll find some vintage and antique pieces that you won’t find elsewhere. 

They can be subtle or grand; whatever you think will work best for the room in which it’s placed.

From Your Travels

Another way to add some style to your home and also to get the conversation going when you have visitors is to incorporate souvenirs from your travels into your decor. If you’ve been around the world, then you'll have plenty of beautiful items in your house. Putting them on display isn’t just a nice way to decorate your home, either; it’ll also bring you joy. Who doesn’t like to be reminded of their happy travels?

Fancy Bottles

You’ll need to have some functional products in your home, like liquid soap, for example. But there’s a way to make these touches of your home more aesthetically pleasing. For example, you could take the soap that comes in a boring plastic bottle and transfer it to a ceramic soap holder. 

This is something that makes a big difference in restaurants and bars -- the establishments that move it over always seem to be much better decorated than the ones that don’t. It’s a simple change that’ll make your bathroom look all the better.

Plants and Flowers

There’s a lot of value in spending time in the great outdoors, but that’s not always possible, what with the terrible UK weather and our jobs and whatnot. So it’s recommended that you find ways to bring the outdoors into your home. And probably the best way to do that is to look at adding plants and flowers. It’s kind of stunning how much of a difference they can make to a home. Take a photo before and after, and you’ll see what we mean! 

Plus, they don’t just look good -- they’ll also elevate your mood and purify the air in your home. You’ll get all those benefits, and all you’ll really need to do is to make sure they have enough water. Easy!

Display Fruit and Veg

You don't necessarily need to store your fruit and veg in the fridge -- indeed, many shouldn’t be kept there. Take them out of their packaging and put them on display in your kitchen. It’ll help to give your home that lovely farmhouse feel.

Showcase Your Interests

We talked earlier about adding some souvenirs from your travels to the walls or wherever you can. Another good idea is to showcase your interests. For instance, if you’re really into, say, mountain biking, then you could have your bike on the wall. Or, if you like writing, then a typewriter could be on display. 

These are decorative but form a broader objective of putting your stamp on your property. When people walk into your home, they’ll know that it’s unequivocally yours.

Towels and Lines

The bathroom should have an indulgent feel. It should feel clean. You should want to be there. One tip from interior decorators is to hang fresh white towels in your bathroom rather than having them kept away in a wardrobe.

Standout Pieces

Finally, let’s think about your furniture. We all know that they have the capacity to make a home more stylish -- indeed, it’s one of the biggest factors. As well as choosing quality furniture, it’s sometimes a good idea to mix up the range. Adding a vintage chair to an otherwise modernly decorated room can help to make the room feel more interesting.


We often think that it’s the big factors of a property that make all the difference. Yet, while they do, of course, have a big impact, that doesn’t mean that we should overlook the small style factors. They’re an easy way to make your home look better.

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