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6 Things to Do When Preparing for a House Move

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Moving is one of the most energy and time-consuming events people go through in life. When moving home, more than the stress of packing is the actual process of moving. Here are some suggestions on how to make your move as smooth as possible.


Planning is vital when it comes to a successful house move. Get organised and sort out what you need to pack first. If you're the one packing, make sure you have enough time and responsible people to help you out. Take time to go through the new house to understand where your belongings will go. Decide on room furniture layout as this can affect how you pack your items.

Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Working with a professional makes the entire process less stressful and less costly. If you hire a reputable moving company, it will take off the burden of packing, transporting and unpacking your items. You will have less to worry about and more time for other things like enrolling your kids in a new school. Take time to qualify various removals services providers to ensure you end up with the best.

Communicate Your Decisions

Make sure to discuss moving plans with any service provider working at the property, such as utility companies and meter readers. A few days before moving, ensure a professional cleaning company deep cleans the rented or sold property.

Packing Tips

All you need is some cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and tape when it comes to packing. It's easy to move around valuable items in cardboard boxes, easily labeled with their contents. To save time and money, remember less is more. First, remove everything you don't need. As you will realise, this is an excellent time to declutter and only pack what you'll need.

Prepare All Important Documents

Make sure you have all essential documents that are moving-related, like your house deed, removals inventory, passports, driving licenses, and all insurance papers in one place.

Protect Your Goods

Make sure all fragile objects are packed well and safely in boxes before being moved. Cheap, flimsy boxes will not keep them safe. Remember to double-pack heavy, fragile and expensive items to protect them against accidents while on transit.

Working with a professional removal company ensures they take good care of your furniture and use sturdy boxes. Removal professionals can pack fragile items such as antiques and delicate collectibles in specialised containers designed for the goods.

However, the best way to protect items is by placing them in the manufacturer-approved container. After that, the removal professional will build up the container with bubble wrap or other packing materials then place it inside a cardboard box.

Additionally, remember to secure valuable possessions such as jewellery and electronics in bags and boxes to protect them against theft and damage. Professional removal companies can offer insurance for valuable goods to cover any unexpected accidents during transport.

It also helps to make a list of all the things in your house. It will ensure nothing is forgotten during the move. It's always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared when moving home.

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