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5 Rare Wellness Practices You Need In Your Repertoire

We all think we know how to achieve wellness: eat right, get enough sleep, do some form of meditation and get in plenty of exercise.

But, when you start on this journey, you realise that it’s more complicated than that. For instance, physical activity is good for you, but when you obsess over it, it becomes a burden. Eventually, it can lead to burnout and exhaustion - hardly what you want. The same goes for eating right. Obsessing over every last calorie is not a sign of wellness - it’s a sign that there’s something wrong.

In this post, we take a look at some of the more unusual wellness practices that you might encounter. They sound a little strange at first, but they can make a massive difference in your quality of life.

Eat Gigantic Plates Of Food

Eating massive plates of food sounds like a disaster for your health. We’re always being told by medical professionals that we should control portion sizes and eat less. The important point here is that it makes a world of difference what you eat. A bowl full of strawberries only contains 10 percent of the calories of a bowl of chips, but way more nutrition.

If you eat whole fruits and vegetables as they come out of the ground, you need to eat bigger portions. Eat more and you’ll feel fuller, lose weight and get the best nutrition possible.

Wear Ear Plugs At Night

Here’s another strange wellness practice: wearing earplugs at night. It sounds unusual, but the reason people do it is so that they won’t get woken up while they sleep. This allows them to sleep deeper and longer. Siren noise won’t affect them.

Keeping Your Teeth White

Teeth are naturally shades of yellow and brown - it’s just how we evolved. Some people are lucky to have whiter teeth than others - and others just get composite or porcelain veneers. Keeping your teeth white is important for wellness because it changes how you feel. You’re more likely to smile more often, which, in itself, can make you feel so much better.

Drink Only Herbal Teas And Water

We spend a lot of time thinking about what we’re eating, but not a great deal about what we’re drinking. Many people get into the habit of consuming soft drinks and fruit juices, believing that they give them energy or they are healthy. But that’s not the case. Juices are actually bad for you because they are mainly pure sugar. It can get into your system quickly, disrupting your metabolism, leading to weight gain.

To avoid this, only drink water and herbal teas. These are low or zero-calorie options and, importantly, they don’t contain any sugar.

Keep Plants In Your Home

Keeping plants in your home is another wonderful way to support your wellness. Having plants brightens the mood and offers a range of health benefits. For instance, plants produce more oxygen and can trap harmful chemicals in the environment. They can also boost your mood, just by looking at them.

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