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Amazing Food Presentation Tips For Your Next Party

Food is one of the most important aspects of a party, aside from the company and the drinks, of course. 

Good food is what takes your party to the next level and really impresses your guests. You want to make sure that nobody goes hungry but also that you serve something delicious and inventive that they haven't tried before.

But it's not just about the food itself, it's about how you serve it. Presentation makes such a big difference, that's why fancy restaurants always put so much effort into it. When food looks amazing on the plate, it tastes even better. At a party, presenting your food in a spectacular way adds to the whole experience and makes it extra special for your guests. That's why you should put a bit of thought into the presentation next time you are hosting. Here are some of the best food presentation tips for parties.

Invest In The Right Serving Dishes

The dishes and plates that you serve your food on make a huge difference. Invest in the right ones, so you have enough to serve different food items. You can buy fancy china or just go for something more simple but stylish. Visit a kitchen shop and look around until you find something that fits your taste. Your dishes should match the color scheme of the party and you should look for interesting options. Things like wooden boards and square plates are very fashionable right now. 

Visit sites like https://veranoceramics.co.uk/ to find some amazing dishes, plates, and boards that will elevate your presentation to a new level. However, when you are choosing what to serve your food on, remember that practicality is still important. There is a big trend right now of restaurants serving food in all sorts of weird and wonderful things and even though it's sometimes exciting and different, it can also be frustrating if it makes it harder to eat. So, find a good balance between quirky and practical.

Create Height With Your Food

You can create some really interesting food displays if you think of creative ways to make your food stand up. There are so many ingredients that will do the trick - fruits, nuts, vegetables, and edible flowers are all great options if they fit with what you are serving. It's also good to mix it up with different heights. 

Stacking food in innovative ways to create more height gives it a striking appearance and makes it more theatrical. Your plates of food will look so much more dynamic this way, and your guests will be impressed.

Experiment With Different Mixtures Of Colour

One of the best things for elevating your food presentation is color. Even if you are serving something simple, adding colors will make everything look even tastier. 

You can use common ingredients to add color - adding herbs, for example, is a good way to create more vibrancy. Or, how about using blueberries or blackberries to contrast with your desserts? If you want to make things extra fancy, why not get hold of some edible flowers too? By mixing and matching colors and really thinking about how they work together, you can make your dishes look far more artistic and appetizing.

Plate Up Smaller Portions

Serving up a big mound of food on a plate doesn't exactly look elegant. If you just pile up big portions, it will feel more like a family dinner than a classy grown up party. If you want your dishes to look stylish, less is more. 

Plate up a smaller portion and spend time thinking about how all of the elements will fit together. Having some empty space on the plate actually makes a big difference and makes the dish look a lot more professional.

Don't Overcomplicate Things

Once you have a dish on your plate, the next step is to add some garnishes. But too many will look messy and unappetizing. Keep things simple by adding just one or two toppings to each plateful of food. Using interesting ingredients like edible flowers, for example, can make all the difference when it comes to presentation. 

People often make the mistake of trying to add too much and the plates end up looking messy and overcrowded. Remember, you're throwing a party and you want to enjoy yourself too, so you don't want to spend all night in the kitchen putting together overly elaborate plates of food.

Next time you are throwing a party and you are planning your menu, use these presentation tips to wow your guests.

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