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An Eco-Friendly Approach to Being a New Parent

Living a green lifestyle can become challenging when you have children. Suddenly you have to deal with a lot of single-use items, such as nappies and wet wipes. Children accumulate a lot of stuff and, even if you try your best, sometimes the less eco-friendly option is the easiest one to go with. When you have a baby, being green might not be the first thing on your mind, but it is something that a lot of parents want to do. 

If you want to try and be as eco-conscious as possible, here are some of the things that you can do to achieve your goal.

Do Away with Disposables

Babies can require a lot of single-use, disposable items. This can feel like a huge waste, especially because you can get through so many nappies and wipes every day. And that's on top of your increased laundry loads. You should consider addressing both of these problems at once, and use reusable items instead. 

You're already doing my laundry, and tossing in a few more tiny baby items isn't going to make much difference. Reusable nappies and wipes can take some getting used to, but they're much more eco-friendly than disposables.

Getting Around Without a Car

If you don't own a car or just prefer not to use one too often, you might be a little wary of traveling with a baby. But, providing you live somewhere walkable or with good public transport, it can actually be pretty easy. 

Whether you choose to use a sling or baby carrier, or you stick with a pram or buggy, you can get out and about with your baby without the need to drive. You can even go cycling with your baby in a seat or trailer, or go for a run if you have a suitable pushchair.

Buy Sustainable Items

When you're shopping for baby things, look for sustainable options. There are plenty of items that are made with sustainable materials and manufactured using ethical processes. Of course, you might need to be prepared to pay a little more for things like this. You can expect to pay more for good quality and for anything that hasn't been made using cheap materials and cheap labour. 

You can find green choices for everything from clothes to baby toys. It will help you to feel better about all the things that you need to buy, and your stuff could last longer too.

Look for Second-Hand

There are very few baby items that you can't buy second-hand. The things that should be bought new include anything that could present safety or hygiene issues. For example, you should always buy a new car seat. Car seats must be replaced after being involved in an accident, and there's no way to prove the history of a used car seat. However, you can easily buy second-hand baby clothes, toys, furniture, and more.

You can be a parent and live a green lifestyle if you make the right choices. It might take a little more planning, but it is possible.

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