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End of Year 2021

Woah! the end of 2021 and boy it feels like I've not written anything ''personal'' for an age on here but things are all change aren't they? I know everyone writes that especially at this time of year but, at least for me, they really are... 

2021 has been difficult for literally everyone I speak to, starting the year I was working from home at the company I had been employed by for four or so years and a role I adored. I simply loved what I did, working from home was tough which is so strange because I am 100% a 'homebody' but those walls consistently day-in-day out tend to grind you down. 

However, like everyone else, you plod along, don't you? With a pandemic (and boy do I hate that word now) there really is nothing you can do. You can't brute force it to go away. Livelihoods, jobs and security were lost by so many nationally that I felt blessed to some degree that my family were safe and I still had a job. 

Hairy boy was furloughed for months, likewise, he was fine with that - mostly because he was getting fed good food and for once managed to put on weight haha. 

As the world attempted to return to normal what because apparently clear to me at least was things had changed, the world had changed, local communities, employment and life in general. We were mostly squeezed and pressurised as a society that, goodness had come out of it. More community spirit, less moaning over trivial issues and strange as it seems, that time indoors may for some have done a heck ton of good as we suddenly found new hobbies, new passions and understood 'ourselves' far more than we could have before. 

Over 2021, I lost loved ones (not Covid related) which came out of nowhere and hit me like a bus. Likewise, the hairy boy also lost loved ones (unfortunately right at the same time, within 3 days we both lost loved ones). 

We grew bonds and relationships with family members that weren't there prior. 

We both started new employment. For me, this was scary because I adored my job, but the offer came at the right time and, looking back it was 100% the right decision. I literally love every second of my work time, the people, the work itself and the organisation. 

Hairy boy was nervous to change organisation and career after working at his previous for eleven or twelve years, the change is scary but, sometimes the scary things are what you absolutely should do. Since starting at his new organisation he's grown as a person, he's confident and loves his job also. 

There was a lot of hurt, anxiety and depression due to life in general. Unresolved angst and just downright ugly moments. 

Likewise, I met my soul people. You know when you simply do not think you can meet people that 'get you' well, I thought that way too. But, I was proven wrong. These people are the type that accepts and understand my weird and unusual quirks and heck, don't try to change it. 

We went from no cats to two cats. Lilith (the original Covid cat as we adopted her right as lockdown happened) and wee Garf became a part of our family in July 2021. 

I've lost weight and got fitter. For me it's not about 'dress size' it's about what size my body gets to be healthy so my health isn't negatively impacted. So far it's taken nearly 4 stone and 3 dress sizes to be a healthy weight. 

Losing weight has taught me also to take no bullshit. Drama be gone, I simply have no time for it as I live my life for my sons. Everything I do has them in mind. 

I've gained a few piercings, I have a few more on my wishlist. As you can see from my image header, how it started and ended are different as I accept me for me. It took 37 years to do that so, through struggles we adapt and grow internally and externally. It really can't be a bad thing if there's growth in the end. 

The hairy boy still has hollow legs so losing weight isn't a goal for him haha. Although he has trimmed his beard a lot. Changed days, right? He has definitely taken more of an initiative into making sure his health and wellness is good. Although he keeps stealing my Body Shop Face Cleaning peel... grrr! 

Going into 2022 I plan to: 

 Finish university - huzzah! Here's hoping all goes well. 
 Spend more time with my besties - girl time is prime time. 
 Save money - security is a huge thing for me and saving brings me peace. 
 Learn to say no more. Without reason. 
 Thrive within my employment. 
 Continually get fitter. Pilates is my bitch now. 

Resolutions sure, most break them but I view them as little challenges and goals - it gives us something to work towards. Moving forward is always a good thing even if we don't achieve them. 

So raise a toast to a new year, new abundance, new beginnings. 

Love to you all. Sláinte


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