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5 Home Treatments You Should Schedule Regularly

Your home is a complex system of intricate wiring, pipes, and frames. Any one of these systems is subject to damage or breakdown. Any of which can be a nightmare for your family. Fortunately, you can prevent most associated issues with home treatments you should schedule regularly. Initial costs may seem uninviting, but they pale compared to expensive repairs.

Pest Control

There are many nooks and crannies around your house, all of which make a perfect home for bugs and invertebrates like spiders and rodents. An infestation is an experience like no other and could become a nightmare scenario from the movies if left unchecked. Additionally, bugs like termites will eat the timber of your home, causing many problems that are very expensive to repair and extremely dangerous. 

Therefore, pest control and termite treatment are recommended as part of your home inspection scheduled every three months.

Guttering and Drainage

Often overlooked, your property’s drainage system can cause severe problems if not adequately maintained. First, your gutters may seem unimportant, but they provide the vital function of running excess water off your home. When clogged with leaves and debris, any excess water builds up and has no choice but to leak into your home. Leaking from gutters will cause severe problems like leaks to electrical systems (causing fires), damp timber, and mould. 

Therefore, you should always inspect your gutters after a storm and hire a professional each season.

Roofing Inspections

Your roof is part of the drainage system along with your gutters. Angled roofing helps run water into the gutters and down through drainage pipes. Yet, just like any other critical part of your house, the roof is susceptible to damage and can cause problems if not inspected. For example, missing shingles and gaps will increase the cost of heating your home. 

However, a damaged roof will allow excess water into your home, and if not repaired, it might collapse. But roofs are robust and don’t require much. You should hire a professional to inspect your roof before and after winter.

Plumbing Prevention

The plumbing system of a home is perhaps the most important. The high-pressure water system that allows you to bathe, shower, and flush the toilet is controlled by the plumbing. And the plumbing is also responsible for carrying away hazardous biological materials. Therefore, preventing plumbing issues is very important to prevent an epic disaster that could ruin your home. 

Foul odours, constant drips, and low water pressure are top signs of calling a plumber. But you can all but avoid significant issues with a plumbing inspection every two years.

Electrical Proofing

Electricity is vital for modern living. We depend on electrical systems to operate internet systems, computers, and entertainment. And life support or care systems might also require electricity to work. Should power be cut, it could be a matter of life and death for some people. 

Additionally, other issues in your home, such as a leaking gutter, could compromise electrical safety with cut-outs and electrical fires in loft or basement areas with flammable materials. Fortunately, most homes are very electrical safe because of strict regulations. For example, an inspection is recommended only once every ten years.

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