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Fabulous Finishing Touches for a Newly Renovated Bathroom

It feels as though you have waited years and years for your bathroom renovation to finally be completed. Now, you have all of the exciting and creative decisions to make with regards to adding the finishing touches to your brand new space. 

Creating a fresh, serene and luxurious atmosphere within your new bathroom is probably the most exciting part of completing a renovation. Ultimately, you want to have a welcoming and calming space to come home to after a hard day at work. Consider the following fabulous finishing touches to bring your new bathroom to a whole new level.

Perfect Practicalities

You don’t have to compromise on style when it comes to choosing the more practical elements for your new bathroom. Every small detail can be incorporated into your chosen interior design. For example, if you have opted for a brass finish for your taps, you may want to choose a similar design for your Robe Hooks, towel rails and even toilet roll holders! 

When you are adding those final practical accessories to your bathroom, keep in mind the overall impact on the rest of your bathroom. Although mismatched metals have their place in certain interior trends, it may be best to choose a cohesive metal colour for your newly renovated bathroom.

Stylish Drainage Options

This may be something you wouldn’t consider as an interior design element for your new bathroom, but you can certainly opt for stylish drainage as part of your overall theme. For example, your shower cubicle incorporates unique yet functional drainage which makes your bathroom look and feel much more sleek and modern. 

If you’re looking for a super stylish finishing touch for your bathroom that still serves a functional purpose, this is most certainly a good choice for you to make.

Fabulous Fragrances

This is a finishing touch that can often be overlooked amongst renovators who have almost finalised their bathroom. Adding a signature scent to your bathroom can evoke the senses and bring a whole new level to your freshened up space. 

You can change up your chosen scent every so often, or you can stick with your favourite aroma. Whether you opt for beautiful designer candles or you use a reed diffuser for a more intense fragrance, there are just some of the ways you can incorporate beautiful scents and smells into your newly renovated bathroom.

Fresh Plants and Flowers

Keeping a beautiful vase of fresh flowers or an ever-growing green plant in your bathroom can create a stunning finishing touch to your brand new space. You can opt for a signature colour scheme or change up the shades of your flowers every week to bring a fresh and revived atmosphere into your bathroom.

Luxury Lighting

It goes without saying that lighting can completely transform the way your bathroom looks and feels. The last thing you want to do is ruin the beautifully calming atmosphere you have created with your colour schemes, interior accessories and unique flooring. 

As mentioned earlier, up-lighting that is adjacent to your bathroom mirror is very on trend right now. Up-lighting creates a soft and flattering atmosphere that can be adjusted to suit your exact preferences and tastes

Savvy and Stylish Storage

Your storage solutions in your new bathroom may have already been finalised in the main, however there are always other solutions to consider. For example, you may want to invest in small, ornate trinket boxes to decorate your bathroom surfaces. 

These small and stylish storage solutions can be used to house cotton buds, dental floss and other small bathroom products that you don’t want to necessarily be on display.

Bathroom Mirror Designs

Opting for a regular rectangle or simple circle design for your mirror is so 2021! Why not have a little bit of fun with your bathroom mirror design and opt for a unique shape? 

Your bathroom mirror can become a focal point for your entire space, so choose a design that fits in with the vibe of your chosen interior. Instead of using light bulbs to frame your mirror you could use up-lighting for a more modern and flattering style for your brand new bathroom.

With all of these ideas in mind, you will soon have all of the creative tools to finish off your brand new bathroom. This is the exciting part of undergoing a bathroom renovation, so you should soak up every moment of choosing these final designs. 

Whether you’re exploring beautiful bathrobe hooks or you’re seeking new colours for your towels, you can soon look forward to a fully completed bathroom!

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