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Increase Your Home Safety

The security of your home is essential, and there are many things that you can do to increase it. Over the last few years, home security has become more sophisticated and easier to use too. This means that most homes, budget permitting, can have a high-quality security system that allows them to feel secure in their home.

So, when it comes to the safety of your home and family, here are a few considerations you can make.


Many people don’t think about the fact that if you aren’t the first person to own or rent the home you are in now - there could be extras of your keys in the world. What does this mean? It means that people who used to live in the home or anyone who had a spare key still has a spare key to your home.

The fastest way to ensure you are the only person with a set of keys to your home is to call a locksmith service and have all of the external locks to your home changed. Keep in mind things like the garage or the basement windows or doors.

And a further note on keys - try not to hide a key under plant pots, in the key rocks, or anywhere around the front of your home. Would-be criminals are likely to check all of these locations.

Social media

We are so used to sharing all parts of our lives with our social media, telling people we are going on holiday - and then posting when we are there can be a dangerous thing.

While we like to think everyone on our social media is a friend, some aren’t. Even with the best precautions and privacy settings, it only takes a moment and the information that you are away to land in the wrong hands.

Try not to post anything until you are home, if at all.


A single bright motion sensor light can be all you need to deter a criminal from breaking in. It is better if these motion sensor lights are part of a larger network of security cameras and lights.

But the shock of a sudden spotlight can panic a burglar, and rather than continue; they’ll leave the property.


Although you should be able to put anything anywhere you like in your home; these items can be very inviting for those who are looking to steal. We often position our TVs close to the window to avoid glare, but it can be a big advertisement to criminals. Anything that is expensive to replace or has sentimental value is best kept away from windows.

It can also be worth keeping in mind that if you put the boxes of brand new electrical items outside, this can be advertising the fact you have new and/or expensive items freshly in the home.

Keeping your home secure doesn’t take long, but it can make sure that your chances of being the victim of a burglary are much less.

For more tips on how you can feel safe in your home, check out: Ways To Make Your Home Feel Safe.

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