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Why Snoozing Is Seeing You Losing When It Comes To Great Bedroom Decor

We’re all aware that our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. After all, this is an area of the house that guests are unlikely to see. It’s also where, proportionally speaking, we spend the majority of our time at home. 

As such, getting this room right can make a huge difference to the connection you feel with your home, and the relaxation you’re able to achieve here.Yet, perhaps in part because of their largely hidden nature, bedrooms have somehow become one of the most neglected aspects of our decor.

In fact, aside from a few obligatory licks of paint, it’s not unusual for bedrooms to end up as functional spaces at best. This is a problem, especially considering that this is the last room you see at night and your first sight in the morning, and it could even be behind any disconnect that you currently feel with your property. Lucky for you, we’re going to look at just a few of the ways that your lack of bedroom focus is harming your home overall, and what you can do to finally turn things around.

Overlooking layout

Our bedrooms should be calm, cosy spaces that we’re glad to spend time in. Unfortunately, many of us ruin that by shoving our beds or other bedroom furniture wherever it’ll go without much thought. This is a fatal mistake that can lead to a cluttered, unwelcoming finish, especially when you consider advice like that given in feng shui which, among other things, particularly recommends creating harmony here with a layout that centres around placing your bed in the command position (e.g. so that you can see your door). 

This may seem like a small consideration, but even this minor change can have a significant impact on how well your bedroom flows and, as a result, how pleasant your time here can be.

Letting textures go to waste

Textures are a great decor choice across your home, but bedrooms that are supposed to be cosy and comforting can especially benefit from a variety of textures including everything from fluffy/smooth/silky textiles to wall panelling or simply art that shakes things up. 

By overlooking this and sticking to a one-tone texture experience across your bedroom, you create a far less welcoming space and even risk ending with a pretty cold-feeling bedroom overall. This isn’t to say, of course, that you need to create some fluff-filled princess’ bedroom, but it does mean you might want to add a few finishing touches including throws, cushions, and so on that’s going to help this all-important room to welcome you home.

Steering clear of clutter

Most of the time, minimalist decor trends dictate that we strip back in our homes, but according to Ikea cluttercore is all the trend, especially in our bedrooms. That’s hardly surprising when we consider that minimalist bedrooms can feel stark and lacking in character, and it’s something you need to address by discovering what clutter done well looks like. 

Obviously, piles of mess or an overload of ornaments on your bedroom dresser are going to make your bedroom feel like an even worse place to spend time. Instead, you need to think about stylish additions, including options like these floating shelves on which to store small piles of meaningful books, draping plants, and so on. Equally, well-placed ornaments across things like your bedside and dressing tables can help to add a much-needed touch of personality to a space that, ideally, should be all about you.

Getting colour all wrong

Many of us also make the mistake of overlooking the colours of our bedroom walls by either opting for an easy white or choosing something because we thought it looked nice when we were searching for inspiration. In reality, though, our bedrooms are unique in that the colour choice here is going to impact everything from how well we sleep to how harmonious we feel when we wake up. 

With this in mind, bedroom colour needs your care and attention, with particular bedroom colour trends right now pointing to calming options like sage green, subtle blue, and even earthy browns. All of which can help you to more gently dose off without waking up to a bright colour choice that gives you a headache from the off.

You don’t need us to tell you how much your bedroom matters – you’re probably more than aware of that already. However, did you realise that snoozing when it comes to decor here was damaging the space in these ways?

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