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Essential Items That Should Be In Every Kitchen

The kitchen is a place to make and prepare food, and you can make this process go a heck of a lot easier by making sure you have the right kitchen items on hand. Keep reading to find my top kitchen item picks.

Mixing bowls and measuring cups and spoons

If you are ever going to make a dish from a recipe then mixing bowls and measuring tools are a necessity for the kitchen. For bowls, the ones made of lightweight metal are great as they are super easy to clean and don’t make your arms ache if you are mixing by hand.

For measuring cups, a simple set of plastic cups will do. Look for ones where each cup is a different colour because after a while you will learn which is which, meaning you won't have to check the values each time and can grab the right one, even when you are busy. Measuring spoons, on the other hand, should be metal so they are long-lasting and very easy to clean. After all, your spoons are likely to be the items that you use the most. 


No kitchen is complete without at least one pan, while most have a selection to choose from. Be sure to opt for a good all-purpose and non-stick frying pan first, as you can just about do everything in these. Then add to your collection with some high-quality saucepans in different sizes. A casserole dish and a large roasting pan make great choices too.

Cooking utensils

While you could get by on a wooden spoon, as they did in the old days, investing in the proper cooking utensils will make your life so much easier and cooking a far more enjoyable process.

In particular, a spatula for moving things around the pan as they boil or fry is a great choice. A large straining spoon can be used for serving and cooking too. Oh, and a pair of cooking tongs will make serving and turning food a breeze and help you minimise the risk of burns!

Coffee machine

In my opinion, every kitchen needs a coffee maker. Indeed they are vital not only to help you get your mornings off to a successful start but also to create great cups of coffee to offer your guests. They are super easy, and low effort as well, and you don't have to clean up all those pesky coffee grounds that get everywhere either. 

Of course, there are a huge variety of options on the market, from Nespresso to Gaggia. The good news is you can discover some of the Best coffee machines by visiting a coffee blog. There you will find detailed reviews of the most popular machines, along with the type of coffee drinker they are best suited to.

Slow cooker

If you want to make delicious food, with very little effort at all then a slow cooker is an item you should invest in. The idea of a slow cooker is that you pop all the ingredients in together and it cooks low and slow throughout the day. Then come dinnertime you have a tasty dish that everyone can enjoy without having to go through all the usual prep and cooking.

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