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The 4 Qualities of A Good Bathmat

It should be no news to you that bath mats are an absolute bathroom essential. But finding a high-quality mat can be particularly challenging when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Usually, we spend an extensive amount of time perusing IKEA and other homeware store aisles looking at all the options they have on the shelves with little to no criteria of what makes a bath mat the perfect match for you and your bathroom. 

If this happens to be you, then look no further than this article! Below you’ll find the features you’ll want to look for in order to ensure you get your money’s worth when you purchase your next bath mat.


When searching for a suitable bath mat, you’ll want to prioritise options with high absorbency, double construction, and, preferably, a non-slip design. This is because, while a bath mat with efficient construction can be used for several weeks or months, a poorly made and maintained mat will slip and slide, take longer to dry, and can quickly become dangerous if you’re not careful. 

If you’d like to read up on a more expert opinion on choosing bathmats, check out this really interesting article on how to find the best practical bath mat.


Bath mats are available in endless assortments of different designs that it can be overwhelming to choose which one you like best. If you share a bathroom with multiple people or are looking to get away with cleaning your bath mat less often, it might be a good idea to opt for a darker coloured mat, as the lighter shades can easily collect bathroom dust and dirt, and hence won’t be very efficient in the long-run. 

Alternatively, if you’re up for renovating your bathroom’s overall look, you could even turn it into your bathroom’s underdog statement piece – if you invested in a decorated or slogan bath mat for example. It’s a good idea to not go too crazy on this, though, and make some room to experiment with your other towels and decorations.

A Regular Cleaning Routine

Like any other towels around your house that are used on a regular basis, bath mats need to be hung up after use to be allowed to dry thoroughly. A weekly wash will do them a lot of good and durability. That said, it is always good to check, when purchasing your bath mat, how absorbent it is since this will establish how often you can wash it so that it can maintain its shape and use. 

If you happen to have kids running around the house or often drag more water out of the bathtub or shower than the average person, you should definitely consider something like this Mayshine Absorbent Bath Mat - its microfiber is super absorbent and ensures your bathroom floors are dry as much as possible. Bath mats can also be replaced as much as needed, especially if they become faded, or if they are too dense and take a long time to wash and dry.

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