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5 Approaches for a Great Bathroom Aesthetic

If you are looking to transform any space in your home the fact is, aesthetics are everything. One of the biggest issues we all have in our homes is creating the right aesthetic based on the utilities or use of that specific room. Bathrooms are a great example, but they have come a long way in the last few decades. Bathrooms are modern and very sleek these days, so if you are looking to create a modern aesthetic, think about some of the following implementations:


Most modern bathrooms have clean and sleek lines, shouldn't be cluttered, and their design needs to be cohesive. You don't need many pieces for decoration, in fact, you just need to stick to simple geometric shapes or straight lines to create a simple look that is relaxing and inviting, which is where tiling makes a big difference, and patterned tiles by Tilemall are one of the best approaches to ensure that you are invoking that all-important aesthetic.

Incorporate Storage Into Your Design

Many modern bathrooms focus on function as well as fashionable styles. Instead of using cabinets everywhere, incorporating open shelving to display your towels can work just as well. 

On the topic of accessories, you need to make sure that they create a cohesive look. Sticking to white or grey is one of the best approaches as they are more pleasing to the eye. While you may need a couple of drawers for items like toiletries, make sure most of your storage is uncluttered.

Incorporate Unique Features

A couple of luxury features in your bathroom are an amazing way to make it feel like a spa. For example, a heated towel rack is a great little luxury when you step out of a shower into a cold environment. If you are more interested in keeping your bathroom warm, underfloor heating is always a great way to ensure that you are cozy and comfortable.

Add Stainless Steel or Chrome Accents

Many modern bathrooms use stainless steel and chrome as accents, and your plumbing features should have one of these or brushed nickel. 

When you pair this with glass, such as the mirrors or shower doors, it makes for a very striking contrast and upgrades your bathroom into the modern world.

Focusing on the Finishing Touches

An amazing modern bathroom doesn't require a lot. 

The minimalist look is certainly the way to keep it effortlessly chic, but you can add a few simple finishing touches like luxurious bath products to the tub or shower area and these on a metal tray give it a wonderful spa-like look. If you are looking to increase that spa-like quality, recessed lighting creates a warm glow. 

If you're also looking for some extra greenery, small house plants, or succulents, look great when you scatter them around the room.

There are so many great ways to create great bathroom aesthetics. When you are making a modern bathroom, some of these can make a big difference. 

Ensure that you focus on a couple of these and you will not be disappointed!

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