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How To Maximise Storage Space In Your Bedroom

The last few years have seen the use of bedrooms multiply. It used to be that your bedroom housed your bed and you would use that space to sleep. You might populate the space with a wardrobe, maybe a set of drawers and potentially a TV. 

Today, however, bedroom usage has changed. More often than not you might find yourself working from your bedroom, squeezing in a dressing table, space for a yoga mat or using it as another room in the house in which you can escape and seek five minutes sanctuary. 

This seemingly multi-purpose room is posing quite the design dilemma as the majority of bedrooms are sized just to fit that all-important bed.

Storage is a great way to reduce the clutter in your room, which in turn allows it to feel bigger and brighter. If you are hard pushed for space then you will need to get creative with your storage. To help you combat some of your small bedroom struggles here are some ways you can maximise your storage and in turn, increase the space available

Use fitted wardrobes in a niche space where a standard wardrobe would not fit.

Switch up your small bedside table for a more practical set of drawers. This can allow you to benefit from the functionality of a bedside table but with the practicality of extra storage space.

Another multiple purpose furniture you might consider is using shelving units for desk space. Instead of investing in a bulky desk, try using a decent shelving unit for your desk or dressing table. This will save you considerably on both the space used and the money spent.

Use tall storage over wide units. Consider using tallboys or drawer units that make the most of vertical space as opposed to encroaching on the horizontal space you have available.

Make sure you use your storage to its fullest potential. Do not leave drawers or shelves empty. When it comes to your clothes you do not need to store your winter clothes in your bedroom during the summer months. 

Do you have an alternative space for them? Can they be vacuum-packed and stored in your attic space, for example?

Be organised with your storage. Not only can you benefit from removing unneeded items you can free up a lot of space with some simple organisational hacks. Follow in the footsteps of Marie Condo and fold your clothes so that they are compact, use dividers where necessary and ensure everything is in the right place and not sprawled across multiple drawers, shelves or surfaces.

Use floating shelves where drawers will not fit or if you don’t need them. Allowing for some visible floor space will also help to make your room look and feel larger than it is.

Use the space under your bed, just make sure it is out of sight. Better yet consider a bed with built-in storage.

Use the backs of doors to hang dressing gowns, towels, store shoes or even jewellery.

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