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Creating a Seamless Transition Between Your Home and Your Outdoor Space

If you love using your patio for various things then you might be interested in changing the way your indoor and outdoor spaces merge together. Most people just have a simple patio door that opens up into their backyard. While this is functional and practical, it’s also not the best that you could do if you’re looking to improve the overall design and even functionality of your patio space.

So without further ado, here are a couple of ideas to help you add a seamless transition between your patio space and your home.

Bring more plants indoors

One of the first things you should do is start to blend the plants that you have between your patio and your indoor space. For example, you could cut a few of the flowers that you have in your garden and then add them to pots inside of your home, particularly around the patio door area. 

You could also use vines and larger potted plants and place them around the patio door. This will create a smoother transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, especially if you make use of a lot of plants in your garden.

Install a larger patio door

A larger patio door can open up and essentially remove a wall from your home to open up into a much larger patio. You’ll need larger patio door blinds to help cover more area, but it’s one of the best ways to introduce more sunlight into your home and also create a seamless transition between the two spaces. 

This isn’t an option that is available for everyone depending on where their patio door is, but it’s one of the best ways to merge the two areas together.

Place a larger roof over the patio

When designing a patio, we usually only cover enough space to have a bit of furniture and maybe a grill. However, if your backyard allows for it then we don’t see why you shouldn’t try to expand it even further. 

Creating a huge decked or tiled area gives you a lot more space to work with. You can do everything from adding a huge dining table for outdoor gatherings to even installing a bed or a hot tub if you wanted to.

Add more furniture to your patio

Furniture is a great way to increase the overall comfort of your patio area, but many people choose minimal amounts of furniture and may even stick to plastic garden chairs and tables. If you want to make the transition between living spaces more seamless, then you’ll want to use high-quality furniture that is closer to what you have indoors. 

You should also consider adding a bit more interesting furniture like an outdoor coffee table or a variety of chairs

Keep your colours consistent

And lastly, try to keep colours consistent. Going from bright colours in your living room to natural tones in your patio doesn’t create a seamless transition and can be a little jarring. Try to blend the colours better to create a seamless effect while also improving the overall design.

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