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Everything To Consider When Installing A New Fireplace

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be too! 

Fireplaces not only provide an efficient method of heating your home, but they also look good and are fantastic to sit beside and unwind from the stresses of daily life. There is simply something relaxing about curling up beside a warm fireplace after a long day. Whether you want to add a little more character to your living space or want to save money on your heating bill this winter, there are plenty of ways to bring warmth into your home without breaking the bank. 

Before you spend on a new fireplace, you want to make sure you’re using it to its full potential and using the right kind of logs. For an indoor fireplace, it is best to use either real wood or a mixture of real wood and synthetic logs. Heating your house through a log delivery service may be the best way to go this year with energy bills rising.

Here are some of our top fireplace ideas for any budget. 

Electric vs Gas

Choosing between an electric or gas fireplace is probably the most important consideration when purchasing a new fireplace. Your choice between an electric fireplace will most likely depend on whether you have an existing gas line in place or not. 

If you do not have one already in place then it is more likely that an electric fireplace will be the more suitable, cost-effective option. Electric fireplaces usually come with a cheaper installation cost and greater longevity over the gas option. Though with electric bills rising, they are perhaps becoming less cost-effective.

Though gas burners are usually quite expensive to fit and are prone to more problems, they truly offer something unique. They seem to give the home a more comfortable inviting atmosphere, there is nothing quite like having an actual fire heating your home. As years go by wood burners are also becoming more efficient and may provide a better alternative to the environment than burning fossil fuels to heat your home.

Sprucing Up Your Room

It is also worth considering the design of your fireplace and the mantlepiece surrounding it. Things like a decorative candle holder or a decorative tray can add a little character and elegance to your space while also storing supplies like logs, fire tools, and lighter fuel.

Decorative mantels can give your fireplace a little more structure while being decked out with anything from vases and decorative containers to figurines and statues. With the versatility of options on the market, the installation of a new fireplace could really lift the look of your room to a new level.

Fireplaces are an ideal way to warm up your home in the winter months, mainly if you are worried about rising energy costs and wish to invest a little money in the short term for long-term financial savings. 

But before you do make a decision, make sure to consider any budget restrictions you might have as well as any electrical or structural limitations you might have in your home. With these things in mind, you’ll be able to find the best fireplace for any budget.

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