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17 Wellness Basics To Get Right This Month

With all our modern technologies and conveniences, you would have thought wellness would be easy. But, for many people, the opposite seems to be the case. Most modern twenty-first-century humans live a life of misery with a Netflix veneer.

The problem here is that we’ve forgotten health basics. We think we know how to look after ourselves but, in truth, we really don’t. 

The good news is that there is excellent information available these days, which means that practically anyone can start making sound decisions about their health and improve their well-being. Here’s what you need to do:

Drink Only Water

Grocery stores leave you with the impression that people should enjoy a wide array of beverages. After all, there are entire aisles dedicated to different kinds of sodas. Unfortunately, practically all drinks other than water are bad for you, and some of them can seriously affect your health.

The trick here is to limit yourself to water. If you don’t like the taste, filter it or buy it in glass bottles. Sometimes water authorities can add things like chlorine which make it taste funny. Tea and coffee are also okay, as are herbal teas.

Schedule A Dental Exam

Another thing you’ll want to do is schedule a dental exam. That’s because oral health problems can soon deteriorate into something far more severe.

Dentists can take a look at your teeth, identify whether you are at risk of needing teeth taken out, and assess you for gum disease. They can also fix problems quickly so you don’t wind up losing any teeth, which can be a seriously unpleasant experience.

Avoid Fast Food

Fast food is usually ultra-processed and extremely bad for you. That’s why you should avoid it as much as you can, particularly if you are over the age of 25. By the time you get deep into adulthood, your body is not as able to deal with it, and it is much more likely to lead to health conditions.

Do Something Sporty

Joining an adult sports team or signing up for a club is a great way to ensure that you remain active throughout your life in the company of others. You want to have a sense of camaraderie when you engage in sporting activities. It should feel like other people are supporting and motivating you all the time.

Aim to go to your local sports club at least twice per week, perhaps more. The more often you attend, the better you’ll feel.

Pack Your Own Lunch To Work

Don’t rely on the staff canteen to cater to your nutritional needs. Usually, it won’t. Instead, pack your own lunch and include all the nutritious ingredients necessary to keep you fighting fit, like quinoa, carrot sticks, hummus dip, and so on. 

Dedicate some time to ensuring that your nutrition is adequate in the morning and see it as an essential part of the day. Don’t neglect it: it’s the most important thing that you do.

Set A Date To Quit Your Bad Habits

Pick a day this month to quit your bad habits. 

If you’re like most people, you have at least one thing in your life that you know you shouldn’t do, but do anyway. If you’re really struggling, you should attend a dual diagnosis treatment center for rapid assistance.

Employ A New Stress-Buster In Your Life

When was the last time you added a new stress-buster to your daily routine? Probably a long time ago. If so, find something new that works for you.

For instance, instead of using ice cream to drown all your sorrows, try eating bowls of exotic fruits instead. Or, instead of taking a warm bubble bath, take a cold shower instead and see how it makes you feel. Often, you’ll find that you are much more relaxed and happier afterward.

Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day, And Floss

It might sound basic, but brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is one of the most potent things you can do to keep yourself healthy. Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting your teeth, otherwise, you’ll wind up with massive bills in the future.

Invest In Some Decent Shoes

If your shoes feel uncomfortable or are falling apart at the seams, invest in some newer, better ones. Find some that really support you or bring your feet into closer contact with the ground beneath. 

Check-in with your feet every once in a while to make sure that they are in the right shape. Wearing the wrong shoes for long periods can cause them to deform.

Buy Some Weights

You should also try buying some weights and keeping them nearby at all times. Having weights in the house encourages you to work out, get fit and build muscle strength like nothing else.

Check The Contents Of Your Refrigerator

Make sure you’re not stuffing your refrigerator with dietary horrors. Get rid of the fried chicken, pizzas, and cartons of milkshakes and replace them with conventional fruits and vegetables as they come out of the ground.

Take An Online Health Test

Another thing you might want to try is taking an online health test to see which conditions you’re at risk of developing. Many of these tests require you to send off a sample for evaluation in a lab. Researchers can then tell you how to modify your lifestyle to reduce your risk of getting sick in the future. 

For instance, you might need to cut your salt consumption or do more exercise than the average person to remain healthy.

Check Your SPF Hasn’t Expired

Sunscreen has a reasonable shelf life, but it doesn’t last forever. Eventually, the chemicals it contains that provide sun protection break down and don’t work anymore. Because of this, take some time to check the label. Have a look and see how much life your sunscreen has left. If you’re past the sell-by date, consider replacing it.

Read Food Labels

Just because a product looks healthy doesn’t mean that it is. Marketing professionals are very good at making it seem as though you’re eating well when, in reality, you’re not at all.

Always read food labels. If in doubt, avoid consuming anything that comes out of a packet. Usually, these items have all sorts of added ingredients and other nasties in them.

Get Up Earlier

Lounging around in bed can feel great. But, ultimately, you’re missing out on the rest of the day. When you start late, you finish late, and that can be bad for your health.

Instead, challenge yourself to get up earlier. When you wake up, immediately take a cold shower and go for a 10-kilometer run. Then spend an hour in the gym lifting heavy weights before you start the rest of your day. This routine will transform your body in a matter of weeks.

Use Health Apps

Modern health apps are extremely powerful and can help you track your current health status and figure out what you need to do next. They can also warn you if they think you’re at risk of a serious illness or you need to take a little extra rest, perhaps because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

Don’t Take The Lift

Lastly, never take the lift. Instead, making a secret pact with yourself to always take the stairs if they are available. Taking the lift removes all the challenges of getting to your office or flat. The stairs, on the other hand, are a real workout.

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