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Tips For Updating An Outdated Bathroom

Bathrooms can become outdated over the years, with some only lasting around fifteen years until they need refreshing and revamping. However, there are ways to help keep a bathroom looking modern and timeless for longer.

For those who have a pretty outdated bathroom currently, there are a few ways to help update the space. Here are some tips for helping transform a dated bathroom into one that you’ll never want to leave.

Replace the grout

Grout is one of the telling signs that the bathroom is dated. Even if the tiling itself is still in good condition and not dated in appearance. Dirty or old-looking grout needs to either be cleaned or replaced if it’s beyond a simple wipe-down.

The right grout is important to use because it needs to be resistant to water and look the part when adding it to the bathroom tiles. Using something like fugabella grout is well worth the investment because it’s a premium-quality grout that will look effortless in any bathroom looking to be regrouted.

Upgrade anything that’s broken or faulty

For broken or faulty furniture within the bathroom, make sure it’s replaced. There are certain bathroom fixtures that might have seen better days. For example, a shower head and its attachment to the taps themselves might be on their way out.

It’s good to try and replace the little fixtures like these ones before making any big cosmetic changes, like ripping out a bathroom and adding in a walk-in shower.

Add more lighting

Lighting can set the mood and when it comes to the bathroom, it’s important to set a relaxed mood.

Think about what lighting can be incorporated into the space. Perhaps it can be lighting added around the mirror or lighting incorporated somehow into the shower space.

Incorporate some greenery

Who doesn’t love a little bit of nature when it comes to the home? Adding some indoor plants can be great to clean the air, as well as boost the mood of household members. Try to incorporate some greenery into the bathroom space but think about what type of plants you add.

They ideally need to be big fans of water and moisture, which makes plants like ivy a great option for these wet environments.

Invest in hidden storage

Hidden storage is a great way to update the space and, more importantly, reduce the clutter around the bathroom. There can often be lots of potions and lotions put on shelves and on the floor of shower cubicles. However, if a bit of hidden storage is added to the space, it can help minimise the clutter and create a more organised space.

The best type of storage is under-the-sink storage units that can house plenty of products that are needed to keep the body and face in tip-top shape.

Updating an outdated bathroom doesn’t need to cost the earth and instead can be transformed on a shoestring budget in some cases. Use these tips to help transform your bathroom this year.

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