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I'm a Scottish mum who started blogging back in 2009. over the years my blog has evolved from a simple review blog to a blog covering beauty and skincare to lifestyle and now in its newest inception - a blog covering wellness, lifestyle and family in all its forms.

I have many varied interests but generally, I would describe myself as pretty eclectic, sure I love nice things, soft pretty things home decor items such as blankets, duvets and cushions, candles, soft PJs, gorgeous heady perfumes made up of notes including tonka bean, musk, ambers, vanilla and soft white flowers, expensive chocolates and tasty pastries. But on the same note, I love comedies, I love biology, bacteria (researching), herbalism, survival topics, gemstones, tarot, paganism, spiritualism and everything in between.

Some Facts About Me

Lives: Scotland.
Age: 38 years old - 1984 baybee. 
Children: Three sons - two fur babies Garf and Lilith [cats]. 
Interests: Charles Bukowski, Herbalism, Trying New Food, Walking, Health and Biology, Watching Movies and Hippy stuff. 
Favourite Food: Birds Eye Waffles, Paldo Chilli Noodles with Cheese, Pecan Pastry, Pancit Canton, Steak Pie and Sea Bass. 
Favourite Drinks: Costa Cold Brew with Milk, Pink Gin & Lemonade, Rose Wine & Lemonade, Iced Tea, Matcha Tea, Highland Spring Water. 
Favourite Places: York and Edinburgh.
Places I want to visit: Dublin - Ireland, Cambridge - UK, Budapest - Hungary,  Norway - Anywhere, New Zealand - anywhere and Japan - Osaka. 
Favourite Movies: This is 40, Knocked Up, anything by Adam Sandler, Deadpool, Most Marvel actually, Bad Neighbours and Kingsman to name a few. 
Favourite Bands/Singers: Written By Wolves, Slipknot, Bastille, Sia, Lil Pump, Todrick Hall, Maitre Gims, Panic at the Disco and Black M. 
Hates: Grapefruit, Goats Cheese, Backstabbing, UK Movies. 

I hope you enjoy your stay! Comment, share, like and let's get to know each other a bit better. 

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